Hello! ...Welcome to Lemon Roll Bakes.

My name is Hannah, owner and creator of Lemon Roll Bakes based in Milton Keynes.

I have always loved baking and have been doing it for years as a part time hobby, one of my biggest enjoyments, is seeing the happiness on others faces as they take their first bite into something I've made!

The reason I decided to open up Lemon Roll Bakes is because I was diagnosed with a Dairy intolerance, meaning I have found it difficult to find cakes and other treats which are completely free from milk.

After seeing how difficult it's been, I have decided to create my own space to bake and sell a selection of treats, including Dairy free for people who may be in a similar position to me!

Thank you for visiting my page, have a scroll and I look forward to baking something especially for you!

Lots of love, Lemon Roll Bakes